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How To Apply and Remove Zinipin GelLight

From Our Customers

"Zinipin is my favorite of any semi-cured gel strip I've tried. Beautiful designs and great longevity that looks like a classic salon gel manicure without the time and cost. Consider me a loyal Zinipin customer, no more salon for me!"

Stephanie P

"I've done everything from normal polish, to salon gel, to doing my own gel at home. These semi-cured gels are by far the most ingenious and convenient option; of the brands, Zinipin is my favorite. The designs are so elegant and the quality can't be beat for longevity, nail protection, and there's no hair snagging!"

Vicki L.

"One of the best semi-cured gel brands. Love their designs, durability and luxurious quality."

Christin F.

"Zinipin semi-cured gel nails are the closest thing I can get to artistic salon gel nails! Their designs are truly mesmerizing and unique. You can get anything from sophisticated abstract marbling to subtle nude textures. I’m in love!"

Lynn Q.

A million times better than gel nails from a salon! I’m never going back. And the color selection is so dreamy!

Elizabeth H.

Designs are so elegant - these strips look so luxurious on my nails. I never thought I could get salon-quality nails at home until Zinipin, they are really beautiful! One of my top favorite semi-cured gel brands!

Kat A.